Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 23 September 2016

Come Fly with Us Over Malibu

This strange Malibu bird is really a parasail on the nearby bay

Paraplane or Parasail Our Private Tour Guests Wonder

This strange bird that we encountered above PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in Malibu is technically a PPC (powered parachute) or a paraplane in less abbreviated parlance.  Seeing something strange in the air near the ocean is not exactly unusual anywhere in Southern California including the chic zip code of Malibu.  These aircraft (?) are somewhat tricky to operate and require some practice in maneuvering a parachute and operating a small and noisy internal combustion engine.  Much easier than this and an activity we can include as part of a private tour of Los Angeles (the adventure part of Elite Adventure Tours) is parasailing.  This kind of flying is much easier and more passive.  Just let the motorboat drag the parachute behind it and enjoy the cool breeze in your face and the extraordinary views of the Santa Monica Bay from Point Dume to Palos Verdes.  Look out below you surfers, dolphins, sea lions, seals and whales.  Hello squadron of pelicans sharing the air.  Surrounded by sea gulls you might feel that you are in a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and you are one of the sea gulls over Bodega Bay.

A frame from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds

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