Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 October 2016

No Sweat on This Cycle

The Barcycle tour of Venice Beach is fun after our private tour of Los Angeles

One Awesome Way to Tour Venice Beach

One should not be drinking and driving is the rule but there are exceptions.  One exception, for instance, is you’re not exactly driving but rather pedaling.  On the Barcycle.  There are several advantages to a fun tour of Venice Beach bars on the Barcycle.  You can enjoy a beer as you soak up the fantastic sea air and enjoy the local sights; pedaling means the calories in the beer are being worked off as fast as they are consumed; and, you get to meet some nice people without having to yell over loud music from a jukebox.  Now we can do much the same thing on our private tour of Los Angeles but without all the physical effort.  We can provide transportation and a vehicle in which to enjoy a fine class of wine or a heady pilsner (on a BYOB basis) as we drive from one fancy nightclub to another on an evening tour of the hotspots of the city.  Yes, we know exactly where you will want to go for cocktails (or craft beer) and dancing from downtown Los Angeles to Hollywood, Beverly Hills and assorted beach communities.  We even make it a point to know where the latest celebrity nightspot is (we just look for the paparazzi).  The Barcycle is a lot of fun and you don’t have to dress up.  Our suggestion is to spend a couple of hours on the Barcycle and follow that with a nighttime private tour with us.

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