LA Adventure Specialist - 10:28 18 October 2010

Bounty of the Pacific

When you think of seafood, your mind might settle upon Boston clam chowder or perhaps Maine lobster. But don’t forget about the wealth of delicious seafood that is routinely captured along the Pacific coast. Dungeness crab season begins in November in parts of California, and it runs well into the winter as you travel farther north. During a recent trip to California, I went on a couple of Hollywood tours, and during one we enjoyed some delicious crab while learning how to prepare one on our own:

Steam or boil the crab approximately eight minutes for every pound. Place the lid over the pot at an angle so that some steam can escape. Rinse the crab under cool water and break the apron off the shell. Next, remove and discard the carapace – along with any guts clinging to it – and the gills. Rinse once more, this time leaving behind only the shell and the succulent meat inside. You might choose to serve it as a half-crab.

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