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Paramount Pictures in Hollywood

The Melrose Gate entrance to Paramount Pictures in Hollywood

Paramount Pictures Is the History of Hollywood for Our Private Tour

If we pass by any movie studio on a Los Angeles private tour it will be Paramount Pictures.  One of the big six, this studio began here in Hollywood in 1912 and continues to produce movies and television shows every day.  Originally known as Famous Players and helmed by Adolph Zukor, the production entity soon merged with Jesse Lasky‘s production company and the distribution company both producers used, Paramount Pictures.  Through these gates the greatest stars and filmmakers of the earliest days of Hollywood came and went.  The business flourished as the U.S. and the world developed a growing hunger for feature films.  New studios opened in and around Hollywood and in 1923 the giant sign, Hollywoodland, appeared at the top of the mountain overlooking the Los Angeles basin.  Hollywood was now the capitol of filmdom.  Our luxury tour guests love to talk about their favorite Paramount films and television shows like The Godfather and Star Trek and our guides will bring up other movies and programs to talk about as we drive around the studio.  The studio has a lovely walking tour of the lot where our guests can visit some of the departments in action and see what a working movie studio looks like.  Right behind this landmark “dream factory” is Hollywood Forever cemetery which we can drive slowly through and remember many of the celebrated actors, directors and artists whose creative efforts are cherished today.  Many of these famous people were themselves Famous Players at one time.

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