LA Adventure Specialist - 8:30 1 November 2010

Wall of Fame

Elvis was one of the most successful dabblers of all time. His music ran the gamut of musical genres – from gospel to the blues, country to straight-up rock ‘n’ roll – and he conquered them all. In the 1950s and ’60s especially, you could barely change the radio station without running across a classic from the King. Elvis welcomed a challenge, eventually branching out into acting work in Hollywood movies.

Even in death, the King’s image in omnipresent. You can find his mug on stamps, velvet pictures, and yes, even mugs. Even during tours of Los Angeles, you’re bound to see remnants of the King, especially his star on the Walk of Fame. Elvis posters are a particularly celebrated piece of memorabilia, as they celebrate the pride of Tupelo, Mississippi in a number of striking poses. These posters capture Elvis in his glory days as a sex symbol and his more mature years as a successful lounge singer.

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