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High Protein Yogurt…..YUM!

It is no surprise to me anymore that people have a multitude of questions and inquiries on our private Hollywood tours; admittedly from whisperings they hear on TV, find on internet, and read in tabloid magazines.

So, fitness and nutrition often gets weaved into our tour chats.  Last week a client asked me what was a good lite and nutritious breakfast option that she may not necessarily find at home but could enjoy here in LA!

Conversationally I shared some wisdom with her that I passed down from Certified Nutrition Specialist, Mike Geary.  Enjoy…..

Today’s Fitness Quickie from Mike G……………..

I just found an AWESOME yogurt recently (that is the creamiest yogurt I’ve found to date…absolutely delicious!), and it is the highest protein yogurt I’ve ever seen.

I always read labels at the grocery store and I’ve never even seen any yogurt come close to this in protein content. In fact, this yogurt that I found had 3X the normal protein content in comparable serving sizes of other brands and types.

This high protein creamy yogurt I found at the grocery store is called Fage greek yogurt… Fage is the brand of greek yogurts I found that had the highest protein content of them all that I compared.

There was 3 versions of this Fage greek yogurt – skim, 2%, and full-fat.

I ended up choosing the 2% version, which goes slightly against what I always preach about just choosing the full-fat versions of everything… but the 2% had the best ratios of protein and fat, without having too much milkfat.

If I remember correctly…

The skim version was about 20 gms of protein and 0 gms of fat The 2% version was about 19 gms of protein and 4 gms of fat The whole version was about 13 gms of protein and 15 gms of fat

The skim version wouldn’t have a great taste because of the lack of fat, and the whole version was pretty calorie dense, and I found that the 2% version had the best ratio of protein with still enough fat for a great creamy taste.

Mix this greek yogurt with some sliced strawberries or raspberries and some almonds or pecans (and maybe a sprinkle of hempseeds or chia seeds), a little stevia, and a little vanilla extract, and you have one delicious mid-day healthy meal, or high protein dessert to have at night!

Mmm, mmm good!

I know not everybody is going to have access to this specific brand that I found, but search the greek yogurt section at your market and see which types you find that have the highest protein and the best taste. -Mike Geary, Founder,

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