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In Santa Barbara? The Santa Barbara Inn

The Santa Barbara Inn - newly renovated

Our Private Tour Guide Recommends the Santa Barbara Inn

You might call it a busman’s holiday but sometimes we at Elite Adventure Tours just need to leave Los Angeles and become sightseers in another city.  One recent holiday by a member of our staff was to Santa Barbara, the American Riviera.  This beautiful Welcome to the Santa Barbara Inncity on the Pacific is less than two hours drive away.  That means a weekend away really means most of the weekend will be spent in Santa Barbara.  Stearns Wharf, State Street, the Santa Barbara Mission, the Santa Barbara Zoo and the shoreline from Montecito up to the University of California Santa Barbara and Isla Vista offer plenty to see and do when relaxing away from the hubbub of Los Angeles.  Like our City of Angels there is swimming, surfing and many different kinds of ocean recreational boating for the adventurous folks who like heart-pounding exercise.  There are also tidepools galore and whalewatching (seals, sea lions and porpoises, too) for those of us seeking more placid recreation.  Now, where to stay?  Our guide says that the newly renovated Santa Barbara Inn is the BEST.  The Santa Barbara Inn is right on the beach, walking distance to State Street shopping and dining and also has its own fine restaurant, Convivo.  Of most importance, we are told, the inn is quiet.  Elegant and comfortable, too, but mostly it is quiet.  Asked if the serenity was Herbert Bayer's Chromatic Gate frames the Santa Barbara Inn on the other side of the parkjust a matter of a wintertime visit we are assured that even at full capacity the design does not transfer sound from the bar into the guestrooms or from one room to another.  Since we are often in Santa Barbara on the way to or from the nearby Santa Ynez Valley for our wine tours knowing firsthand where we can stay on an overnight private tour from Los Angeles is terrific information.  So, if you want to know where to stay when visiting Santa Barbara, we suggest following the recommendation of our own guide and making reservations at the Santa Barbara Inn.


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