LA Adventure Specialist - 10:29 14 February 2011

Everything According to Wikipedia

If you know anything about the internet, then you probably already know that collaborative resource sites should always be sourced/quoted with a giant grain of salt. Truth In Numbers?: Everything, According to Wikipedia seeks not only to explain why — vast and comprehensive on subject matter though it is — the free online encyclopedia site shouldn’t necessarily be treated as gospel, but give us some insight into its creation (founder Jimmy Wales still makes no money off the enormously popular site). The film examines how the hierarchy of editors work, along with the ramifications of its explosion as a go-to source of information. With all the informative events coming up I couldn’t help but throw in some more. With such an overly abundant amount of knowledge that’s going to be thrown at us (hopefully), I wouldn’t want you to miss out on this after you enjoy yourself on one of the  Los Angeles sightseeing tours. The American Cinematheque’s screening of the Scott Glosserman & Nic Hill documentary this week will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers and author Andrew Lih (The Wikipedia Revolution); after the discussion, a book-signing and “in-house Wikipedia edit session” is on the slate at Every Picture Tells A Story across the street.

Thu., February 17, 7:30pm

Price 11$

Aero theatre: 1328 Montana Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90403 (323) 466-3456

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