LA Adventure Specialist - 11:30 15 March 2011

L.A. Conservancy: Hughes Aircraft Company Tour

Hangar on to Yourself — You’ve Never Seen Toy Sheds Like These! Aviation buffs, aspiring industrialists and anyone fascinated with SoCal crackpottery should delight in the L.A. Conservancy’s one-time-only tour of the former Culver City campus of the Hughes Aircraft Company. Almost never open to the public, the site, now known as the Hercules Campus, did not appear on maps during World War II. It is here that urine-hoarding weirdo Howard Hughes and his team conceived of, designed and built planes and helicopters, including the infamous H-4 Hercules Flying Boat, better known as the Spruce Goose. Eleven of the original campus buildings still stand on the 28-acre site, including the massive hangar that housed the Goose. This among other things hopefully gives you some  unique things to do in Los Angeles. Attendees should be prepared to walk three-quarters of a mile and be mindful that it is a working construction site, currently undergoing a $50 million historic preservation overhaul, which will repurpose the buildings for creative endeavors including technology, design and film production. Address given with reservation.

Sun., March 20, 10:00am-4:00pm

Address Upon Reservation

Price: $25

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