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Umami Burger

Umami burger – What is Umami Burger? Maybe you have heard abour this burger. The umami burger is served up by a four-restaurant chain in Los Angeles, which uses Japanese-style ingredients to create savory umami burger creations. Umami Burger, southern California’s new, Japanese-flavored burger chain, is expanding with a new twist – a delicatessen dedicated to umami.

The umami flavor is the so-called “fifth taste” beyond sweet, sour, bitter, and salty, often referred to as savoriness or “meaty” flavor. And the Umamicatessen, due to open in Los Angeles this summer, will consist of four or five restaurants that sell food with an umami flavor. Diners will be able to eat deli food or dessert. Or, they can opt for one of the Umami burgers that started the umami craze. Along with the best burger around, going for the best Los Angeles tour would also cater to your “best of” wants and needs. Perfect for any visit to LA.

Truffle Burger. This is the burger that needs to be experienced. For it puts on a show, a show of tastastic proportions.  I have never eaten a burger this intensely savory in all it’s goodness before.

500 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401-2406
(310) 451-1300

Price: 11$

4 other restaurants around the area…

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