LA Adventure Specialist - 11:52 3 July 2011

NHM News

In one of the first stages of a seven-year transformation at the Natural History Museum in Exposition Park, the 14,000-square-foot Dinosaur Hall opens July 16. The permanent exhibition, twice the size of the previous dinosaur displays, is presented in two two-story galleries. The hall’s biggest boast is its Tyrannosaurus rex growth series, the first in the world, which presents fossil specimens of the youngest known baby T. rex, a rare juvenile and a remarkably complete young adult. The exhibition also features some 300 fossils, 20 fully articulated skeletons, physical and digital interactive displays and video. This is really just an interesting event to take the kids too, very cool place to be while taking a sightseeing tour of la. Other standouts include a never-before-mounted triceratops, a 68-foot long-necked mamenchisaurus and giant reptiles that lived in the oceans covering what is today California. Two-thirds of the full-body specimens have never been displayed before.

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