LA Adventure Specialist - 11:40 24 July 2011

Let Me Down Easy

Through July 31.

Anna Deavere Smith (“Nurse Jackie,” “West Wing”) is a theatrical superstar, and her new solo show is as funny as it is tender. Having traveled to three continents and conducted over 300 interviews, Smith explores physical power and vulnerability in her signature style of journalistic performance. I thought this would be great for a different evening out while you tour Los Angeles. Throughout the evening, she channels twenty people, some you know, some you’ve never met from Lance Armstrong to first supermodel Lauren Hutton, to Governor Ann Richards to a rodeo bull rider to distinguished doctors and holy men. In the end, the show is about resilience, grace and most of all, love.

The Broad Stage,

Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center,

1310 11th St, Santa Monica,


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