LA Adventure Specialist - 11:44 7 September 2011

Buffet Brunch, The Terrace

The massive hotel buffet brunch appears to be slowly fading from fashion in L.A., as many diners are reluctant to overindulge in broad daylight. In New York, these gastronomic extravaganzas have experienced a resurgence, but most Angelenos simply plan such gluttonous affairs for their next trip to Las Vegas. What a win win scenario, you get fantastic brunch, and a fantastic hotel, all while you take a tour of LA. At the Langham, Huntington Hotel, the grand landmark in Pasadena, the once-lavish brunch at The Terrace has been scaled down to a more laid-back presentation, with an affordable breakfast buffet and à la carte menu.

The Terrace, The Langham, Huntington Hotel,

1401 S. Oak Knoll Ave., Pasadena,


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