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Private Tours vs. Cattle Tours

When visiting a place like Hollywood California, often times selecting the best tour to experience can seem like a blurry mirage as you peer at all of the choices spattered colorfully on brochures and web-sites. My suggestion is to go with a professional company that specializes exclusively in private tours. A tour with such a company will allow you to customize an experience with the help of their professionals in order to create a memorable experience of your visit. In addition, private tour guides are able to build a personal rapport with clients which allows them to do what they do best instead of having to stick to rehearsed script that they have repeated hundreds of times to larger groups. On a private tour the guide is not only personally conducting the tour for you, but is able to answer all of your questions while providing invaluable insights and opinions that will make the rest of your visit flawless.

So what is a cattle tour? Simply put, you will feel like cattle from the beginning to the end of the tour as you are herded through out your day with a group of 15-50 typically, from arriving, to paying for your tour, and experiencing your tour. Simply put, two completely different Hollywood tours.bus1-11

And perhaps the # 1 consideration for doing a professional private tour vs. a cattle tour is comfort. The comfort of a private vehicle such as a luxury conversion van or sedan, that is fully appointed, makes for a fantastic experience. Cattle tours utilize large vehicles, often times with multi levels that are designed to cram as many people into as possible, while being very uncomfortable and unaccommodating.


Also, note that limousine companies also offer private tours as well, but should not be confused with a professional private tour company. Limousines are great for social situations as guests sit in a circle with their backs mostly against the window and very low to the ground. This makes for a very nauseating experience on a tour, when clients are trying to twist and turn to look out the window.

In a nutshell, all of this is not only good advice for Hollywood tours , but anywhere that you are visiting. My wife and I make it a point to do a private tour as the first thing we do on vacation. Private helicopter tours are another great way to take the same concept to the next level!

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