Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:03 2 May 2012

There’s a Lake in Hollywood

Aerial photograph of Lake Hollywood and Mt. Lee from our helicopter

First filled (with more than 2.5 billion gallons of water) in 1925, the Lake Hollywood Reservoir is part of the Owens Valley water system that was designed by William Mulholland to provide a new and growing city of Los Angeles with the water it needed for survival and development.  This beautiful body of water is a surprisingly scenic landscape feature in Hollywood that many have not discovered.  Our private luxury tour groups always get a chance to see the lake as we take them up to a vista point below the Hollywood sign to enjoy the view.  This particular photograph comes from our private helicopter tour (in a French designed AStar jet helicopter) that flies over much of Los Angeles and its beaches and is followed by a 3-hour ground tour of special Los Angeles locales we like out guests to visit.  There is also a fun hiking path around the lake used by local joggers and coyotes.  The coyotes help us and our guests to jog faster.

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