Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:11 14 June 2012

The Fountain Coffee Room — Milkshakes Anyone?

Photo of The Fountain Coffee Room in the Beverly Hills HotelEven before there was officially a city of Beverly Hills, the Beverly Hills Hotel was open and serving guests in the luxurious and opulent style that is still their hallmark today.  No wonder they called it the Pink Palace.  Even today it serves Hollywood royalty.

Downstairs from the lobby is one of the finest little diners in all of Los Angeles, the Fountain Coffee Room.  Like the other dining venues at the hotel celebrating this centenary occasion the Fountain Coffee Room menu features photos from long ago, just something to enjoy while you decide what you are going to eat from their fabulous menu.  Sit at the counter where countless luminaries from Hollywood’s heyday all the way to today have placed their celebrity bottoms before enjoying a casual meal or just a fountain concoction (milkshake, malted, banana split).  The hotel is celebrating its 100th year in business with all sorts of birthday activities scheduled — all the more reason to visit.

We often provide private luxury tours to the guests of the hotel visiting Los Angeles.  We also suggest to our guests staying elsewhere that the Beverly Hills Hotel is an excellent stop on their tour, especially when it’s time to eat.  Brunch, lunch, tea or dinner we enjoy any excuse to stop at the hotel and always hope for a chance to visit the Fountain Coffee Room.

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