Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:03 23 June 2012

Drive Me Faster Tiny Roadster

Photo of a tiny roadster in Los AngelesNo one would dispute that the City of Angels is also the City of Automobiles.  Los Angeles is famous, or infamous, for its traffic.  One solution to being stuck on the roadway is to be driving a cool little roadster.  We have no idea what kind of car this is but it flashed by our luxury conversion vehicle (itself an eyecatcher) while we were on a private, custom luxury tour of Beverly Hills and Hollywood.  Someday I expect our camera, always on our lap as we drive, will be internet connected and have visual recognition software incorporated into its operating system so that we will know instantly what kind of car we are photographing.

Photograph of a red roadster in front of the Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood

This little red roadster zoomed by as we were driving with the same private tour group down Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood and right in front of the Sunset Gower Studios (once Columbia Pictures).

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