Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:25 28 June 2012

Supper with the Greatest of Ease

Photo of trapeze artist at Hollywood's SupperclubHollywood is happening!  The latest restaurant/nightclub to provide superb dining and entertainment is Supperclub.  Offering a different theme each month with a fixed menu cooked onstage and served to you in bed (yes, I did write “in bed”) you can lie back and savor the flavors of an extraordinary meal and then be delighted by music, performers and aerialists.  The experience is exciting and unique!

We take our private luxury tour guests through Hollywood all the time and no matter what custom tour we have designed for them we point out Supperclub as a suggestion for dinner.  In the old Vogue movie theater on Hollywood Boulevard in the heart of Hollywood Flyer announcing Supperclub's current theme "Electric Jungle"(between Highland and Vine) the electricity of the boulevard permeates Supperclub and you will find yourself thrilled and delighted with the experience.  Make your reservations now and enjoy “Electric Jungle,” this month’s theme.

6675 Hollywood Boulevard

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