Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:36 3 July 2012

There’s WHAT behind me?

Photo of Optimus Prime coming up behind a visitor to Universal Studios

The TRANSFORMERS have arrived at Universal Studios in Hollywood.  The ride is astounding, 3D simulation at its best and everyone loves it.  The characters are generally easy to find except when they sneak up behind you.  The best way to enjoy TRANSFORMERS and all the other Universal Studios attractions is to take the VIP Experience tour where you will be taken to every ride, immediately admitted to the best seats and have an opportunity to speak with performers and backstage personnel.  Lunch is provided, too.  We ALWAYS suggest to our private tour guests visiting Hollywood and Los Angeles with us that the Universal VIP Experience is the ONLY way anyone should explore the studio and all the attractions.  If you decide you want to reserve seats for the Universal Studios VIP Experience then we can get you a DISCOUNT on your tickets.

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