Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:16 1 August 2012

Picture of a Picture

Photo taken by us of photo being taken by them of Beverly Hills mansionA major element of our private luxury tours of celebrity homes in Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Hollywood is our photography.  We carry a digital SLR camera at all times and know where the photographs can be taken.  We encourage our guests to take their own photographs and then we can shoot them taking their photos as we have here in Beverly Hills in front of a notable home.  All we needed was for Will Smith to come jogging up the road to make this into a real surprise trip.

The Vacarellis pose in front of the helicopter on top of the LA skyscraperYes, this was a surprise tour but the surprise was the helicopter flight OVER Beverly Hills.  Even better, we took off from a downtown Los Angeles skyscraper.  After seeing all the mansions and sights from above we then drove to see them from the street.Photo of the Vacarellis in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater


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