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Johnny Weissmuller – Olympic Swimmer

Photograph of abandoned swimming pool at Johnny Weissmuller estateOne of the most notorious places we visit on all our celebrity homes tours is the former home of Johnny Weissmuller on St. Pierre Road in Bel Air.  The 8,700 square foot Mediterranean revival home was designed by Paul Williams in 1931 for Olympic swimmer Weissmuller (5 gold medals) who was then famous as movieland’s Tarzan.  Marion Davies, the Mamas and Papas, and Mick Jagger also once resided in what is officially known as the Nicolosi Estate.  Fire and earthquake damage in later years left the house uninhabitable and it remains in deteriorating condition to this day.  However, the great serpentine pool surrounding the house like a moat is plainly visible and almost haunting as we drive by on our private luxury tours of homes in Bel Air, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood.

photo of Johnny Weissmuller's poolPhoto of Johnny Weissmuller








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  1. Does anyone know if a book has ever been written regarding this beautiful house? The architect was world famous, but none of his books ever mention this house. Would love to see pics of it in its prime.

  2. Like much of Hollywood lore, facts, especially from earlier eras (before computers and eternal internet life), are difficult or impossible to confirm. We try as tour guides who wish to be credible to research as much as we can short of a full-tilt scholarly effort. On this home in particular we have had to rely on the efforts of others to get information to corroborate and extend our own knowledge. One internet article we all like is The author makes reference to other Hollywood books where there was a mention of the estate but even those sources are mostly hearsay.

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