Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:32 15 August 2012

Floating Along a Venice Canal

Photo of a Venice, CA canal with a canoe

Lots of people love to walk the Venice (California) canals and enjoy the sounds of water birds (and jets departing from nearby LAX).  We love to have guests on our private luxury tour of Los Angeles beach cities (Venice, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica and Malibu) willing to park nearby and walk the waterways and cross the quaint bridges.  In all these years we have not found a way to procure water vessels to actually navigate the canals.  We keep looking in hopes that someday we can find a way to do that.  In the meantime we will continue to explore the canals on foot and photograph this small corner of Venice while we talk about the canals and Venice of the early 1900’s when Abbot Kinney first built them.  Only a fourth of the canals remain, the rest were filled and paved to accommodate automobile traffic.  But back in its heyday Venice, California was very much Abbot Kinney’s vision of Venice, Italy.

Old b&w photo of a Venice, CA gondola in 1909

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