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Where to Fish in Santa Monica

Photo of Enterprise Fish Co. in Santa Monica

A common food question that we hear as we enjoy our private luxury tours in the beach community of Santa Monica is where is a good place for a fun seafood dinner.  We recommend Enterprise Fish Co. on Kinney Street between Main Street and Neilson Way.  They have an outstanding fish and seafood menu, a great bar, wonderful staff and a comfortable indoor and patio facility.  They accommodate well parties of all sizes and ages.  There is lots of easy parking in the area even for our full-sized custom van which makes it easy for us to stop for lunch or an early dinner on our way up the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu.

Named for the Enterprise Laundry in 1977 when the first restaurant opened in Santa Barbara, both restaurants offer an attractive ocean themed dining option in their communities.  We love them both but just happen to spend more time in Santa Monica.  Try Enterprise Fish Co. some time and see if you don’t agree and even make it a regular night out (or lunch out).

174 Kinney St.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

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