Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:25 24 August 2012

Check Your Cellphone at the Door

Photograph of the front of Eva Restaurant in Los AngelesThere are far too many fine restaurants in and around Los Angeles for us to be able to know and recommend them all.  We learn of restaurants mostly from our private luxury tour guests but also from hotel concierges that we work with and in the course of living and eating in Los Angeles.  Eva Restaurant on Beverly Boulevard is new to us and we read about them in the newspaper…and not a food review.  They made the news recently when they adopted a new dining policy — 5% off your bill if you allow your server to take away your cellphone while you are dining.

We in the custom tour business live on our cellphones but that does not mean we would not appreciate sitting down to eat at a fine restaurant and not only not having our phone be singing and vibrating but fewer of the infernal devices around us.  Imagine intimate conversation at your table and around you without interruptions by an electronic device.  We consider this an elegant idea and hope more establishments adopt it.  Perhaps the same groups of people who sought out No Smoking bars and restaurants before it was the law will also be looking for No Cellphone facilities.  I guess we will see.  Try Eva Restaurant when you can and give your server your phone.  Call us after dinner.

Eva Restaurant
7458 Beverly Boulevard  Los Angeles, CA 90036

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