Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:30 30 September 2012

Pet-Friendly Are Us!

Photo of Janine Franceschi and her dog Beau of PAWPAW (Pet-Friendly Accommodations Worldwide), started through the efforts of Janine Franceschi (and her Irish Setter, Beau) and provides a curated list of high quality hotels and services around the world that will happily host you and your canine best friend.  Visit the website to research and plan your journeys and activities, even book your hotel.  Janine and Beau are both experienced travelers and Janine is quite familiar with the luxury real estate market so she immediately saw a need for centralized information about luxury hotels with welcoming pet policies.

We at Elite Adventure Tours are knowledgeable about pet-friendly hotels in the Los Angeles area.  After all, we have a special canine tour that is a private, luxury and custom tour that shows our guests and their dogs around Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills with special attention to places to walk their pets (celebrity dog parks, anyone?) and take fun and fantastic photos.  We highly recommend that discerning travelers who want to take their dogs on vacation visit the PAW website right away (bookmark it as we have) and find the perfect hotels for their journey.


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