Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:59 7 October 2012

The Pretty Pretty Woman Hotel

Photograph of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel from Rodeo Drive

Looking down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills while leading a family on a private, luxury tour of Los Angeles, our tour specialist captured this great shot of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.  Still known in our trade as the Pretty Woman hotel, almost every one of our guests knows the movie and recognizes the area from seeing the film so many times.  That makes sense since it seems that 1990 movie remains as popular as ever and is continually playing on television.  The hotel opened in 1928, the same year as so much of Beverly Hills and Hollywood was being built and its facade is essentially unchanged.  With a terrific concierge staff to help you decide where to go as you walk out onto Wilshire Boulevard in the heart of Beverly Hills, right in front of you are the 80+ elegant boutiques of Rodeo Drive.  A favorite hotel for dignitaries, celebrities and film crews, be sure to drop in when you visit if only for a cup of tea and a gander at the Pretty Woman display in the Rodeo Drive entrance.

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