Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:27 10 October 2012

Shortcake for Baked Desserts at the Farmers Market

Photo of the counter at Shortcake in the Original Farmers Market in HollywoodThe beauty of our private custom tour around Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills is that we can stop anywhere, any time and for any reason.  When our luxury tour guests visiting Hollywood mention that they would like to enjoy a quality cup of coffee with a fine baked treat we regularly suggest Shortcake at the Original Farmers Market.  This amazing open air bakery is not only a fun place to enjoy a treat but the treats themselves are amazing.  Amy Pressman, a highly respected baker with a Wolfgang Puck/Spago pedigree and success in a number of businesses in Los Angeles and Pasadena, has, with her friend Nancy Silverton, created a destination within a destination.  Our guests truly enjoy any reason to explore the Original Farmers Market with its myriad food stands, mouthwatering produce stands and great souvenir businesses but to be able to get a cup of fresh-brewed coffee with delicious baked good while watching the ebb and flow of Hollywood life — well, that sometimes makes us feel this is a tour highlight.

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