Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:26 17 October 2012

Business Art in Downtown Los Angeles

Photo of public sculpture "Corporate Head" by Terry AllenThey said I had a head for business
They said to get ahead I had to lose my head
They said be concrete and I became concrete
They said, go, my son, multiply, divide, conquer
I did my best

– Philip Levine –

This is a sculpture you cannot miss as you walk down Figueroa Street in downtown Los Angeles. The absurd position and headless anatomy captures your attention immediately and brings to mind ostriches and corporate drones.  It is even more humorous if you see someone stopped at Terry Allen‘s sculpture assuming a similar position to read the poem embedded at the foot of the statue.  However, upon reading the poem yourself the seriousness of the message emerges and a more thoughtful tone surrounds this wonderful piece of public art.  Guests on our private luxury tours of Los Angeles appreciate the opportunity we give them to see and closely examine the art on display in the open around Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  The Los Angeles area has considerable public art exhibits — permanent, temporary and even guerilla — and great pride in these works.

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