LA Adventure Specialist - 11:11 18 September 2009

Beverly Hills: See How the Other Half Lives

beverly-hillsThanks to its close proximity to Los Angeles and the Hollywood film industry, Beverly Hills is the place to find an abundance of big-name celebrities. A movie star can be sure that she has “made it” if she can call the Hills home. The mansions there are among the largest and most expensive in the nation, so it’s no wonder that tourists flock there in droves to try to catch sight of their favorite stars.

Beverly Hills has also been the backdrop for a number of popular television shows, including “Beverly Hills 90210” and “The Hills.” As one might expect from watching these shows, the lifestyle in upscale Los Angeles County is a cut above most other places on the globe. The region boasts some of the swankiest restaurants and chic boutiques. The best way to enjoy the unique sights and sounds of the area is on one of many Beverly Hills luxury tours.

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