Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:40 16 October 2012

Jeff Goldblum in Seminar at the Ahmanson

Photo of Seminar poster with Jeff GoldblumI am uncertain why, of all the potential Hollywood personalities we can feature here, Jeff Goldblum gets so much of our attention.  Does he deserve it?  Absolutely.

Now he is starring in a new comedy by Theresa Rebeck, SEMINAR, opening this week at the Ahmanson Theater downtown.  Also in the cast are Aya Cash, Patrick Heusinger, Jennifer Ikeda and Greg Keller.  Jeff replaces Alan Rickman of the New York production as a literary lion getting long in the tooth but maintaining a substantial roar as he counsels, cajoles and manipulates young would-be literary stars.  It is a war of words waged by wordsmiths in a fast paced comedy.  Of course you know Jeff’s work in movies and television and you might be aware of his jazz music proclivities, but Jeff is also a Broadway stage veteran and knows how to stride the boards.

Our private luxury tour guests here in Los Angeles will be getting an earful from our tour guides this next month about SEMINAR.  We follow theater closely knowing as we do how much excellent theater is available in a “movie” town.  We also recognize that our guests want to know more than just what to see in Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Malibu during their tours but also what can they do in the evening that will make their Los Angeles visit special.

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