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See a Movie in Luxury and Style in Hollywood

Photo of the Cinerama Dome at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood

Hollywood is for movie lovers and everyone loves movies (ergo: Hollywood is for everyone).  Not all movie lovers, though, really care how they see movies.  For those who do then the Arclight Cinemas should be your only movie watching destination.  Why?

  1. The best designed theaters for seeing a film as the filmmakers intended.  Stadium seating with all seats offering grand unobstructed views of the screen with perfectly balanced sound and focused 3D (when available);
  2. Reserved seating with ticket purchase available in the lobby, online and by telephone app.  You will never have to arrive early to get a good seat and your very comfortable seat will be waiting for you whenever you arrive;
  3. NO COMMERCIALS!  Sure, you pay a little bit more but you don’t have to feel you are sitting in front of a giant television set.  Movie music fills the auditorium before the show begins and there are only a few movie trailers before the film starts;
  4. The Arclight is a destination in itself with a full service restaurant and bar, a bookstore and gift shop, art and photography exhibits;
  5. Special screenings, often with Hollywood notables, are scheduled regularly.  Coming up just before Halloween, SHAUN OF THE DEAD, at the El Segundo theater complex; and
  6. The Cinerama Dome, only at the Hollywood Arclight, is a chance to sit in a historic and unique theater to watch a film.  One of the great theaters of its time, perfectly preserved and perfect for seeing a movie today.

As we tell our private luxury tour guests who often ask about movies and seeing one while visiting Los Angeles and Hollywood, the Arclight offers a film watching experience that is rare and truly designed for audiences who care about how they see a movie.  These theaters are special, as are our guests, so we urge them to reserve seats for a current popular film just for the experience.  If you love movies then the Arclight Cinemas are a membership to treasure.

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