Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:24 28 October 2012

The Berlin Wall Becomes a Part of a Helicopter Tour

Photo of the Bastow family on a private luxury helicopter tour of Los AngelesOne of the best ways to enjoy a private sightseeing tour of Los Angeles is to see it from the air — in a helicopter.  And the most exciting part of a helicopter tour is the rooftop take-off and landing from a downtown skyscraper!  We regularly make this arrangement for our private luxury tour guests who request it, like the Bastow family from Perth, Australia.

What makes this tour worth noting is that while returning to their hotel from the rooftop helipad in our vehicle their guide, Paul, just happened to mention that Los Angeles was home to one of the largest displays of actual intact Berlin Wall segments in the world.  The Bastow’s tour was not our combination 60-minute helicopter charter plus a 3-hour ground tour but when they appeared interested in seeing the Berlin Wall exhibit we were happy to make a little detour to spend time at the wall and capture some photographs.

Photo of the Bastow family at the Los Angeles Berlin Wall exhibitAll of our tours are custom and we go out of our way to make sure our guests see what they want to see even when it adds a little bit of time to our schedule.

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