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Wild Thymes… Hollywood Not At Its Best

Cover of the Hollywood Tell-All Book, Wild ThymesFor all of you who really love insider tales of Hollywood from the past through the present, Sally van Slyke, a former Universal Studio publicity executive, has written a keen-eyed collection of tales of entertainment industry figures you know that will leave you laughing and cringing — sometimes at the same time.

Our entire staff is genuinely interested in stories about movie and television making and look forward to reading tell-all stories that name names and provide locations (we are a Los Angeles luxury sightseeing company, after all).  This book is now going around the office and fueling story telling on many of our private luxury tours around Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

Sally was riding the whirlwind (what many of us have referred to as “living the dream”) when, for example, The Last Temptation of Christ was being marketed to a public caught up in the religious controversy arising from the content of the film.  No matter the awards collected by the novel nor the reverence held for the director, Martin Scorcese, a good Catholic.  Sally and others had to live with bodyguards for months as a result of death threats.

From her time with the Dynasty cast, Sally and Joan Collins pose in this photo

Robert Redford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don Johnson, Joan Collins (pictured at left with Sally) Tom Cruise and Oliver Stone are just a small sample of the subjects of Sally’s recollections, many of them harsh and unflattering — in other words, truthful.  You will certainly be surprised and shocked by her stories.  That’s what you want from a good Hollywood insider story.

Sally left the industry some time ago and now has a flourishing catering business in northern California (thus the wordplay in her book’s title).

We hope you are building a lovely Hollywood library from our book recommendations and that Wild Thymes soon graces your bookshelf.

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