Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:17 15 November 2012

Battleship, the Real Thing, the U.S.S. Iowa in San Pedro

Photo of U.S.S. Iowa in San Pedro, CA

A rare gray day in L.A. but a perfect match for the traditional look of a U.S. naval vessel.  In this case it is the U.S.S. Iowa, now retired and living comfortably as a museum and showcase, docked in San Pedro, CA between the cruise line terminal beneath the Vincent Thomas Bridge and Ports o’ Call Village.  While it is still being outfitted for tourist duty the museum has more than enough to inspect and examine in a day visit.  This being a week of thoughtful respect for our veterans we should remember that it is not just the men and women who served but the vessels and craft they served upon that need to be saluted.  When we pick up our guests arriving by cruise ship who want a private luxury custom tour of Los Angeles, even if their principal interest is sightseeing in Hollywood and Beverly Hills, we now make it a point to drive past the U.S.S. Iowa and point out a couple of its dominating features (like really big guns).  Looking for something to do in Los Angeles?  We suggest visiting San Pedro and spending some time at the U.S.S. Iowa museum.

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