LA Adventure Specialist - 11:11 2 October 2009

New Perspectives on a Dazzling Locale


Although it’s possible to savor a day of sightseeing in L.A. from right here on the ground, one still misses out on the unique perspective afforded by an aerial view. The greater Los Angeles area is flush with gorgeous vistas and landmarks both natural and man-made. There’s the Hollywood sign itself and of course the scenic Pacific shoreline, and who could forget about all of the modern buildings located downtown?

In order to truly appreciate a panoramic view of Southern California’s bountiful metropolis, one simply must indulge in Hollywood helicopter tours. You’ll be able to see familiar landscapes in an entirely new light because of the major shift in perspective. Gaze down at the miniaturized terrain from dizzying heights and notice details that had always alluded you from ground level.

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