Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:19 15 December 2012

Blue, Green and Now Red at the Pacific Design Center

Photo of red and green Pacific Design Center buildingsWest Hollywood really offers some wild new architecture.  The Pacific Design Center (PDC) has always been eyecatching with its blue and green geometrically shaped glass buildings and the fanciful and appropriate public art displayed throughout the property.  Now the red structure is complete and truly complements the existing structures.  Our private luxury sightseeing tours through Hollywood and Beverly Hills reveal lots of interesting Los Angeles architecture.  The Pacific Design Center certainly piques our guests’ attention when we pass by or fly over (you can’t miss the PDC on a helicopter tour of Los Angeles).

Photo of Pacific Design Center from the nearby public libraryThe new West Hollywood Public Library across the street does not turn heads in the same way though inside the building you are treated to a masterfully designed and practical use of space dedicated to reading, information and the exchange of ideas.  More important, you can look up from your text and enjoy the sight of the Pacific Design Center.

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