Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:40 17 December 2012

Lindsay is Probably Not on Santa’s NICE List

Photograph of Sunset Boulevard billboard of Lindsay Lohan as Liz Taylor

Building-sized billboards abound in Los Angeles.  They are called “supergraphics” and are sometimes controversial.  But they get attention and that is their purpose.  We took this photograph during a private luxury tour of Hollywood as we passed by this Sunset Boulevard office structure.  The advertisement for the film was more interesting than the film itself, so we understand.  Los Angeles not only has supergraphics but also LED animated billboards and the occasional special effects sign with moving parts or smoke or some catchy feature.  The Sunset Strip is still the best place to see and enjoy these large scale advertisments.  There is even a new book out recounting the Rock ‘n’ Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip by Robert Landau.

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