Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:51 19 December 2012

The Los Angeles Art Scene for Christmas

Color painting of a small market in Highland Park (Los Angeles)

Downtown Los Angeles has a vibrant art scene with its many galleries and studios.  Art lovers also find their way to Beverly Hills for very upscale works, to La Brea for more exploratory pieces and to Santa Monica and Malibu for their art destinations.  In fact, there are as many art neighborhoods as theater neighborhoods around Los Angeles which over the decades has become a magnet for creative people in all fields of expression.  Kikki Eder‘s piece above is a real Los Angeles location on York Street in Highland Park, a neighborhood known for its artists and its Mexican restaurants.  Kikki’s work is on display right now in a holiday exhibit at East Los Angeles’ ChimMaya Gallery.  Buying art, especially local artwork, is a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays.  We are requested several times a year to provide private luxury tours to art galleries and studios around Los Angeles, tours we love to do.  From great museums to “art in the park” affairs, we pay attention to current exhibitions and trends so we can customize tours to fit our guests’ interests.  Sometimes the sightseeing is not just Hollywood and movie history and the celebrities are not actors and directors.

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