Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:53 21 December 2012

Caviar from a Vending Machine? – Oh, L.A.

Photograph of a caviar vending machineWhen you really need something special, but quick, what better place to turn to than one of the three brand new caviar vending machines from Beverly Hills Caviar located around Los Angeles.  Yes, when you absolutely must over-indulge yourself this instant you can choose from fine imported caviar (with the correct mother-of-pearl spoon to consume your tasty treat) to truffle oil to other gastronomic delicacies (Escargot, anyone? What, no foie gras?)  We direct our private luxury tour guests to the machine in the Westfield Century City Mall when we are taking them shopping around town.  With $50,000 worth of perfectly refrigerated and oxygenated fish egg merchandise in each machine (very securely monitored with cameras), customers have a wide choice of international and domestic caviars to choose from.  Should you join us for a sightseeing tour around Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Bel Air then a short stop in Century City will be a perfect thing to do in Los Angeles to get you that perfect bite of Beluga caviar you have been craving!

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