Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:18 27 December 2012

Automobile Glory Below the Petersen Museum

Photograph of a stretch limo with camouflage paint job No one would question that Los Angeles is a car town, a mecca of the automobile and wheeled transportation in all its glory and variety.  Our guide, Jeff, always attuned to what Los Angeles is driving, snapped this photograph during a private luxury tour through Venice.  This is a stretch limousine for people who want to be seen and yet who do not want to be seen.  Perfect camouflage for the Los Angeles Mediterranean climate.  We would say not as comfortable as our own jet black custom vans for sightseeing but certainly a transportation option.

Photograph of outside of Petersen Automotive Museum in Los AngelesSpeaking of cars and the automobile culture of southern California, the world famous Petersen Automotive Museum has opened up its basement car vault to select visitors for a limited time.  Five times a day through January 6th you can be part of a small group docented tour through the cellar storage area of the museum to see the historic and valuable cars in their natural state. No signs, no velvet ropes, just up close and personal.  For car lovers this is the opportunity of a lifetime! Make a visit to the Petersen Automotive Museum something to do when you next visit Museum Row on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.

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