Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 11 January 2013

From Melody to Viper on the Sunset Strip

Photo of the Melody Room on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles (1956)

Someone out there knows how much we appreciate photography.  It is a vital part of our business.  We all carry high end digital SLR cameras with us at all times to photograph our private luxury tour guests and our tour routes through Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  We recently received an email with a number of old Los Angeles photographs including this one of the Melody Room taken back in 1956.  A jazz bar back then though when you stand in this same spot today and look over you will see the infamous Viper Room.  This part of the Sunset Strip has significantly changed in many ways but as you can see the overall shape is still recognizable.  You can’t say that for the cars.  This was not Cadillac’s best year.

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