Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 6 February 2013

The Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles – Prime Film Location

Photograph of Park Plaza hotel building in Los Angeles

The Park Plaza Hotel (1923) was originally designed for the B.P.O.E. but was soon sold and repurposed as a luxury hotel overlooking the elegant MacArthur Park just west of downtown Los Angeles off of Wilshire Boulevard.  Surviving the numerous business cycle ups and downs that led to the failure of so many businesses and the demolition of their distinctive buildings over the years, the Park Plaza Hotel was designated a Cultural Landmark and so saved.  For what?  Well, for appearances in innumerable television shows and feature films (Stargate, Primal Fear, Hocus Pocus, Barton Fink, Chaplin, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, What’s Love Got to Do With It, Mobsters, The Big Picture, Mr. Saturday Night and New York, New York). Most recently, she played herself in GANGSTER SQUAD, the violent and boisterous look back at the end of gangster Mickey Cohen‘s reign in Los Angeles.  Many of the famous buildings shown in the film had to be recreated in the studio and on computers but the Park Plaza Hotel could be used just as she looked back in 1949.  Our private Los Angeles tours often explore the Wilshire Corridor heading out of downtown over to Beverly Hills and Hollywood.  This is a convenient and very pretty stopover for us to tell stories about the park and the area…and the hotel.

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