Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 2 February 2013

Groundhog or God – Los Angeles

Happy Groundhog Day everyone!  We hope that large rodent in Pennsylvania foretells an early end to the cold and drizzle we have been experiencing out here in the west.  We’re not worried, really.  We tell our private luxury tour guests that the few days of what is inclement weather to us is nothing to most of our visitors.  The sun will be out tomorrow…and it will be warm.

Photo ad for Freud's Last Session in Santa MonicaIf you are looking for some more thoughtful stimulation around Los Angeles then we are recommending to our guests that after sightseeing through Hollywood and Beverly Hills with us they visit the Broad Stage in Santa Monica and see Judd Hirsch (as Sigmund Freud) and Tom Cavanaugh (as C.S. Lewis) in FREUD’S LAST SESSION, a play written by Mark St. Germain.  These two intellectual heavyweights argue and debate the nature and need of God in this fictional meeting.  Does the ailing Freud see a need to find faith after a lifetime of rationalism?  Should Lewis defend his devout Christian belief before a man so devoted to helping others struggling to find meaning in an irrational world?  This is definitely an evening that will foment discussion afterwards.


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