Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 3 February 2013

Dinosaurs Still Roam Near Palm Springs

Photograph of giant Brontosaurus sculpture in Cabazon, CA

If you have ever driven to Palm Springs from Los Angeles, or flown with us by helicopter on a private luxury tour to the Desert Hills Premiere Outlet Mall in Cabazon, you will see the above Brontosaurus (or perhaps it’s an Apatosaurus) sculpture in completed form alongside its Tyrannosaurus Rex mate.   That’s Claude Bell the artist/architect/sculptor explaining the intricacies of building giant inhabitable monsters in this windy part of the desert.  Construction of both was completed in 1986 and the dinosaur themed rest stop lured folks to the gift shop in the belly of the beast as well as a restaurant and motel.  Kids loved it.  Today the Bronto-gift shop is used as a museum for Creationist ideas demonstrating how evolution is not the explanation for why the dinosaurs, and we, came to be.

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