Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 20 February 2013

Looking Up in Los Angeles

Sightseeing Up High in Los Angeles

Photo of U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles

Our private Los Angeles tour guests are generally thinking about movies and such when we are driving around Hollywood.  We like to take them downtown, too, to show them film locations, like the U.S. Bank Tower shown above.  Perhaps known to most people for its part in the movie Independence Day (the first building destroyed by the aliens), this easily recognizable structure is the tallest building west of the Mississippi, 10th tallest in the U.S. and 55th tallest on the planet.  It rises 73-stories to 1,018 feet above the street and, for those of you who have concerns about erecting tall structures in an area prone to earthquakes, it is designed to withstand a tremor of 8.3 on the Richter Scale.  As for aliens, well we should just cross our fingers.

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