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It is Folly to Miss the Palm Springs Follies

Photograph of Palm Springs FolliesYou ask us what else is there to do in Palm Springs after you see the Marilyn Monroe sculpture and play a round of golf?  Well, by all means get tickets to see impresario Riff Markowitz‘ fabulous musical revue, the Palm Springs Follies, now in its 22nd season. You will surely enjoy a delightful evening of music and dance with amazing guest stars and the droll master of ceremonies humor of Mr. Markowitz.  Located smack in the center of downtown (catty-corner from the giant Marilyn Monroe) in a wonderfully restored theater surrounded by excellent restaurants and stores the Follies is a must see event suitable for all ages.  Photo of a Palm Springs Follies FanWhat you might not know is that the cast, and generally the special guest stars, are all “getting up there”, retired, over-the-hill, respected elders, senior citizens — you get our drift.  But let us tell you the quality of the singing and dancing, the entire production in fact, is top notch, first cabin, A-One, nonpareil, well, just amazing!  When you are visiting Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Venice or Malibu, plan on a trip to Palm Springs with us.  Our private luxury tour can get you there in our custom appointed van or fly you in one of our comfortable helicopters and we will show you the town, this little desert community so full of Hollywood history.

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