LA Adventure Specialist - 9:33 19 April 2010

Voda Spa, LA

A blend of old world spa traditions and modern luxury, voda spa redefines the day spa experience in Los Angeles. The calming and expansive interior is reminiscent of a vacation resort, making voda the first “day resort” in the city.

A visit to voda spa is also a multicultural experience, with treatments and saunas that reflect cultures from across the globe, including the traditional Russian sauna – the banya. voda spa is an opportunity to participate in these healing and revitalizing customs in an elegant and contemporary environment.

Most importantly, visitors to voda spa are encouraged to stay for a few hours, dedicating time to personal relaxation and enjoyment. “Taking the waters” is best done at a leisurely pace – relishing in the sequence of the banya, indulging in a revitalizing massage or facial, enjoying a gentle soak in the Jacuzzi, and finishing it all off with a delicious meal and cocktail; a must stop when you tour Los Angeles. The spa can be a place for conversation and community or quiet contemplation. Everything one could need for a day of pampering and leisure is available at voda spa, all under one roof.

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