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The Grandest Hotel of Beverly Hills

Photo of Wilshire Boulevard entrance to hotel

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This grand hotel, the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire, gracing Wilshire Boulevard and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, has been hosting Beverly Hills’ most important visitors (and residents) since 1928.  Starting off as an apartment building where once the Beverly Hills Speedway was in operation, the city grew and the location was such that a hotel was a better business proposition for the owners.  Probably most famous for scenes of Pretty Woman filmed in the lobby and around the exterior, the hotel is used regularly by Hollywood for filming (notably Entourage).  Elvis Presley and Warren Beatty each lived at the hotel and John Lennon enjoyed an extensive stay.  Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton spent her final days at the hotel.

Besides the so famous lobby there is Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant, Cut, and another fine dining setting, The Blvd.  Our private Los Angeles tour guests enjoy the proximity to Rodeo Drive shopping as well as the fact that they are in a fantastic location to begin a tour of Los Angeles, Hollywood and the beach communities (Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu).  Plan your stay at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and let the fine concierge staff tell you about touring with Elite Adventure Tours.

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