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Amazing Hollywood Sign Photos + Story

For many many years I have been photographing the Hollywood sign on private tours with people from all of the world;  showcasing it from a plethora of angles and even from above by helicopter.   Tuesday April 20th 2010 was a magnificent day due to the manner that the Hollywood sign revealed itself to one particular family that I was with from Australia.

I rarely boast about my “instinct” in any capacity, because it rarely serves me in a manner that I can report on.  In this case, we were at a point on  this tour where I should have been able to see the Hollywood sign from miles away, while approaching the very special place we take people to be photographed beneath it.  Logic alone  told me not to waste any further time trying to get any closer to the sign, because it was engulfed in fog from a rainy day and completely out of sight.  Yet, my instinct kicked it and I persuaded this incredible family to allow me to follow it into the hills.

So, we trek to this location, and within 15 minutes we are standing beneath a tree and I am assuring this family that The Hollywood Sign is “up there” as I point to a hill that is completely covered in fog.  At this point my instinct was telling me that they simply did not believe me and I certainly did not blame them.  So, I did what any good tour guide would do……I ran to the vehicle to grab a book so I could show them a picture that would associate the surrounding land, and at least show them with good faith, that those giant letters standing 45 feet tall and 30 feet wide individually, were up there………and that they were just perhaps the unluckiest family of 2010 with regard to seeing it on Holiday!

But then……..the fog literally cleared letter by letter before our eyes!  It was so cool……….I almost felt that I cued it!  If only there were a symphony orchestra behind us that played prior to me shouting, “Action.”  Ok, I am dreaming a little bit, but it was almost that awesome.  For a moment I was a hero, and then I realized that I better get this family positioned for a photo because it looked like the sign was going to disappear again into the fog.  In fact it did for a minute, but then there was a period of about 5 minutes that we were able to see the Hollywood Sign, doused in fog and surrounded by white clouds and blue sky! So, very very cool!  I am happy to share theses images with you!!!

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