Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 April 2013

A Cat with Guts in Venice Beach

Photo of cat atop piano on the Venice Beach boardwalk

Venice Beach Delights Our Private Los Angeles Tour Guests

The improving weather and spring are bringing the crowds back to the Venice Beach boardwalk which means myriad musicians and even a piano player and his musical cat.  Our custom private Los Angeles tour will stop in Venice to walk the boardwalk with our guests to see the sights.  Musicians, comedians, magicians, dancers, jugglers, fire eaters, poets, painters, illustrators, tattooists, activists and, of course, trinket sellers, palm readers, hypnotists, masseuses, seers, doomsayers and all sorts of colorful, odd and unusual citizens of this popular beach community will greet us as we stroll along the wide sidewalk.  There is no place like the Venice boardwalk.  Let us show you around.  If you want we can even provide you with a Segway (and training) for a personal motorized adventure tour up and down the beach.

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